Portraits | Spissy

"SPISSY (Bloomington, IN) is the rare and obvious duo of Aaron Denton and Ben Lumsdaine. I say "obvious" because they fit together and compliment one another so well, their creative pairing seems almost inevitable. Aaron's ability to craft a delightful, memorable hook alongside Ben's penchant for arrangement, vibe, and skill makes Spissy an absolutely satisfying listen. "Rare", because what draws these two dudes together seems hard to find; a studious, almost aggressive, attraction and ambition toward moderation. That is to say, every piece of this record, even and especially the riskier bits, has been carefully considered and measured. Every synth sound and every rhythm is the right choice. Each unexpected turn and gratifying conclusion hits precisely the right spot. "
-Mike Adams

Video created in collaboration with Aaron Denton

Spissy's self-titled debut record out 03.18.16
LP pre-order via Jurassic Pop
Casette pre-order via Winspear