Editorial | Vegetarian Heartland

After working on this video for a year and a half, I'm very excited to share it! The talented Shelly Westerhausen has been working on her cookbook Vegetarian Heartland since April 2014 and it's almost here. Visit her website, try out some of her amazing recipes, and pre-order this beautiful book!

Music by Erin Tobey

About the book: Showcasing the heartland dishes we all love made vegetarian, this cookbook provides a literal and visual feast of creative, generous cooking that’s born in the traditions of the Midwest but transcends geographic boundaries. Celebrated photographer and blogger Shelly Westerhausen presents 100 wholesome, meatless recipes for everything from drinks to desserts. Thoughtfully organized by the adventures that make a weekend special—picnics, brunch, camping and more—this gloriously photographed book will inspire folks to eat well, wherever their vegetarian ventures lead them. Celebrating a fresh perspective in food, here’s a new go-to that’s perfect for vegetarians and anyone looking for more delicious vegetable-forward meals.